Reviews from my former and current clients!


Testimonial from Ian C.

“I was working on the range this morning and couldn’t seem to figure out why I couldn’t control my driver. I walked over an introduced myself to Andrew (we had never met before) and he asked if he could watch me hit a few balls. He watched for a few minutes and asked me to slightly adjust my left hand grip. I made the adjustment and the balls started rocketing off my club making a sound that I have never heard before. Like I said, Andrew wasn’t my coach and we had never met before, but it took him 5 minutes to adjust something minor in my swing and now I will be ready for the state amateur coming up in 5 days.”

Testimonial from Kirby S.

“Andrew really helped me with my short game. Even though I’m a low handicapper, I had lost a lot of confidence in my chipping. I was grabbing the “texas wedge” far too often, or was not trying to hit the proper chip to even give myself a chance at an up and down. Andrew helped me really understand how the bounce of the wedge works. I am no longer intimidated by those tough chips that require something other than a bump n run. I now grab the lob wedge with confidence and try to hit to proper shot that is required.
Thanks again Andrew!”

Testimonial from Steve G.

“I have played golf for 40+ years and worked with many different instructors…..Andrew is top notch!
He made subtle changes to my grip, posture, and weight distribution, which led to big returns on the course.
My power is back and shot consistency has improved immensely.”

Testimonial from Pat A.

“This being my second session within the last year I have found that not only did I take strokes off my game, but more importantly Andrew’s input has helped me really enjoy the game.”

Testimonial from Ed R.

“His hourly teaching rate is exceptionally low for the great session and audio/feedback he provides. It has been fun to work with Andrew.”

Testimonial from Steve P.

“Having youth on his side, Andrew Storm mastered the game of golf early on and has now propelled himself into his true passion, teaching. Andrew will first observe and film your swing, then make a quick diagnosis, with patience and kindness he will get your game heading in the right direction. Going on my 3rd year with Andrew, my game has improved after every session. If you live in the Midwest, I recommend signing up for a golf package and start improving your game immediately, you won’t be disappointed.”   ⛳

Testimonial from Blake G.

“I have had the privilege of working with some of the nation’s top teachers over the years and without a doubt Andrew is one of the best I’ve ever worked with. His knowledge of the golf swing is second to none and his ability to relate to golfers of all skill levels sets him apart from the rest. His positive attitude keeps golf fun and his phenomenal drills make the transition from the range to the course that much easier. If you want to take your game to the next level Andrew is your guy!”

Testimonial from Ed R.

Andrew Storm – World Class Golf Teaching Professional

“While golf is just a game, playing well is important to me. I have used several good teaching pro’s over the years and I think Andrew is the best I have used. I started playing golf in my early 40’s, am now 78, have an artificial hip and have to be retrained annually like an old race-horse. While Andrew can never return me to age 40, he can still help me play golf at a level I enjoy. Andrew provides sessions with simplicity and clarity. His session video provides additional feedback visually of any errors you may be making and how to correct them. He is excellent at all parts of the game – full swing, chipping, putting – both physically and mentally. Andrew started studying the golf game at the Bradenton Florida high school which specialized in sports training for athletically gifted students. After graduation from college, he worked with other well-known golf instructors / coaches and currently has some tour players as clients. I highly recommend Andrew Storm as a golf teacher/coach for any serious golfer, and aren’t we all. My golf experience with him has been not only satisfactory, but also fun.”

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