Plateaus are common for those who are working on improving their golf game. You may be excited to finally break 100 for the first time, then find that you simply cannot get over the hump for a full season (or more). Frustration may be an understatement for how you feel if this has happened to you!

Here’s an easy tip that can often get you out of your own head and over the hump:

Try changing tee boxes until you make that breakthrough. If you normally play from the whites, try playing from the ladies’ tee. If the ladies tee is your normal starting point, play a few rounds from the 100-yard mark on the fairway.

Change tee boxes? How will that help?

Much of golf is a mind game. When you hit a plateau, it’s often because you’re thinking too much or have gotten into a rut. When you change your tee box, your whole perspective can change. It also gives you that spark of confidence that might be all you need to hit your next goal.

Once you’ve accomplished your target score from the new tee box, move back 200 yards and try again. Even though you know that the score you are shooting may not be ‘real’ because it’s not from your normal tee, just seeing the score you want written down can finally convince your subconscious that you are capable of shooting it in your normal game.

Andrew Storm is a professional golf coach based out of Omaha, NE. He focuses on helping golfers achieve success on the course and increase their enjoyment of the game. If you are interested in individual or group sessions, please reach out to Andrew at [email protected].

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