Struggling with a slice? Follow these four keys and hit a draw!

Get your alignment right! First, make sure that at address you aim slightly right of the target line with your feet and hips, and then aim your shoulders and forearms even further to the right. Make sure that if someone were standing behind you, they would see a piece of your left arm because your right arm will be hanging loosely and underneath your left arm.

Rotate and get to the heel! Rotate as much as you can through your core area of your body in your back-swing. Feel that your belly button points away from the target at the top of the back-swing while pushing as much pressure as you can into the heel of your trail foot. You should feel at least 60% of your weight (also known as pressure) is back into the heel of your trail foot.

Now get back to your lead foot! Finally, when you start your downswing make sure you get a good weight shift from your trail foot into your lead foot and put as much pressure into the ground with your lead foot as you can all the way up to impact. This should ensure an in-to-out swing path and produce a draw.

Drill: to take it a step further in your practice, try practice swings holding the club with your hands cross-handed (for a right handed golfer this would be left hand below right hand). Also, drop your trail foot back so that your trail foot toe is in line with your lead foot heel. Do practice swings like this in between shots feeling the four keys and you’ll be hitting draws in no time!


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