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I help golfers at all levels! Whether you’re just starting, have been trying to improve your game for years, or just want to get more fun and relaxation out of your game, I have a program for you. I incorporate the innovative Flightscope X3 Launch Monitor in all my sessions. This tool uses doppler radar and fusion imaging to track the golf ball at impact, giving me (and you) a massive amount of information to help you improve your swing.

Ready to take your game to the next level? Choose the package that’s right for you!

Sessions Offered for Adult and Junior Golfers

Women’s Sessions

More women are involved in the sport of golf than ever! Whether you are 21 or 71, it’s not too late for you to improve your golf game. Whether you want to accompany your husband on the course or want to form a league of ladies, a few sessions can work wonders in making you comfortable on the course and allowing for maximum enjoyment of the game.

Let me help you build your confidence through a simple plan that will improve your skills and lower your scores. I will not only show you proven tips and techniques, but I will also show you how to practice between sessions to keep improving your game.

Beginner Sessions

Brand new to the game of golf? No problem! I cater my sessions to every individual, no matter if it’s their first or five hundredth time picking up a club. If you’re worried about playing in front of others, I will help you overcome the challenge and build your confidence in your skills. Through movement patterns, golf fundamentals, and practice essentials, I will help you get comfortable on the links in no time!

Junior Sessions

Is your child interested in golf? I truly believe that golf is a game of a lifetime. Not only does it help your child gain a valuable skill, but it also teaches life sessions like patience, integrity, character, and honesty. It can also provide your child the chance to form new friendships and maybe even secure a college scholarship!

My main goal when coaching junior golfers is to promote fun. There are lots of fun games and competitions I have developed over the years to help inspire constant improvement in an energetic environment. Over the years, I have worked with four elite junior golf academies and I’ve learned the best plan of improvement that can help your child reach his or her goals. A fun atmosphere of competition is the key to making the game accessible yet challenging to junior golfers and I would love to show your son or daughter how it works.

Whether they want to learn for fun or for future college consideration, get your child involved in the game of golf today!

Integrated Holistic Golf Program with Andrew Storm Golf

This program is for the player who is all in on golf with the real desire to have the assets at their disposal to take their game to the next level and amongst those assets will be high level access to me as their coach. This program will touch every aspect of your game to find area of improvement which includes the mental game, physical fitness, course strategy, and technique.

Here’s what you’ll get*:

  • 2 30 minute golf sessions per week in person (a $500 value)
  • An option to send me one golf swing video per week via text or email and I will reply with a voiceover video explaining how you’re doing and what you need to work on. (a $125 value)
  • 1 15 minute phone call per week where we will discuss your outcome goals, process goals, course strategy, emotional mastery strategies any questions you might have. (a $125 value)
  • Your own personal dropbox file
  • which includes voiceover after each session
  • Documents including how to practice, how to create a proper routine, how to set up proper goals, and some things to focus on while playing a pre-tournament round.
  • Specific notes on mental strategies you can utilize in your golf game and your life.
  • A weekly short video (3-6 minutes) from me talking about mental and or course management strategies you can use.

Members at Shadow Ridge

$100/ $60 for 30 minutes


$115 per hour/$65 for 30 minutes

Junior Sessions

(Ages 7 – 11)

$50 for 30 min

(Ages 12 – 18)

$50 for 30 min

You can book your session online! 
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