Attitude accounts for a large part of great putting- great putters believe they are great!

Putting is a seperate game inside the game of golf- in order to putt well you must believe that you are a great putter or that putts will start going in the hole in the future. Poor putters focus on the putts they miss and let that affect them later in there round and then the next round. Great putters do not putt mechanically. They putt with their instincts and feel. If you lie in bed at night and focus on the putts you missed that day on the course it is psychologically the same as going out on to the green and missing a putt over and over again. Great putters commit to their putts and believe in there stroke. Indecision is your worst enemy as a putter.  You must be willing to give up control to gain control as a putter. Jack Nicklaus once said he was able to block from his mind all missed putts and he would replay memories of made putts over and over in his mind.

Think about some of these quotes and ideas as you strive to be a better putter.

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