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Think Your Best in Order to Play Your Best

      The most important thing to understand in building an outstanding mental game is this formula: how you think dictates how you feel and how you feel dictates how you perform. If you feel your best you will play your best. Most people believe that...

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Hitting Fat Shots And Hooks?

Watch this drill if you are struggling with hitting behind the golf ball (fat shots) and hitting hooks! Typically with this pattern, the player’s body motion is as I describe in the video. Their upper body hangs back away from the target through the hitting area- this...

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Struggling With A Slice

  Struggling with a slice? Follow these four keys and hit a draw! Get your alignment right! First, make sure that at address you aim slightly right of the target line with your feet and hips, and then aim your shoulders and forearms even further to the right....

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My Adventures in China

Over the past two weeks, I had the privilege of helping coach the Guangdong Province boys and girls golf teams in their qualifier to compete in China’s national games that will be held in Tianjin, China this September. The teams consist of four girls and four boys,...

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