Meet Me

With a solid playing background and impressive resume of coaching under several Golf Digest Top 100 Golf Coaches, I can help anyone take their game to the next level. 

Playing experiences:

  • Was coached by Golf Digest Top 100 coach James Sieckmann for 5 years.
  • Qualified for US Junior Amateur at age of 15.
  • Attended IMG Academies for 3 years.
  • Coached by Tim Sheredy who coached two US Amateur champions.
    Played college golf at the University of Kansas.
  • Runner-up in the 2010 Kansas State Amateur.

I have been coaching golf since 2010 and spent time coaching under the following world class coaches:

  • Gary Gilchrist (Golf Digest Top 100 coach)
  • Patti McGowen (Former Golf Digest Top 100 coach)
  • Geoff Mangum ( Golf Digest Top 100 coach)
  • Tim Sheredy (has coached 2 US Amateur Champions and 2 US Amateur runner-ups).
  • James Sieckmann (Golf Digest Top 100 coach)

Coaching Philosophy:

I am skilled at coaching all aspects of the game including full swing, putting and finesse wedges. Though I am well-versed in improving the mechanics of a client’s game, I focus on coaching each person holistically and developing a unique plan for every player I work with. This includes:

  • Consulting with each client about their individual goals, learning styles, and amount of time they can commit to coaching.
  • Developing a plan that combines the mental aspect of the game, physical fitness, technique, skill development, and course management.
  • Helping clients understand their tendencies and habits on the course.
  • Identifying mental and physical roadblocks that are keeping clients from their goals.
  • Building confidence in clients to improve mental toughness.

Technical Philosophy:

I learned the technical aspect of the the full swing from Leadbetter disciples Tim Sheredy, and Gary Gilchrist.  In addition, I studied under world renowned short-game coach James Sieckmann. Through my work with them, I have developed a technical philosophy that includes:

  • Looking at ball flight and making adjustments based on pattern.
  • Creating a swing that is effective for the individual.

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